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Over the past twenty years, I’ve seen many things, some strange, others sad, even more that are off-beat funny–once everything was fixed. What they all have in common is that none of my clients expected the event or situation to happen.

In discussing insurance options with clients, the conversation centers around how the coverage fits a client’s individual lifestyle and needs. The goal is to help them lower the risks they take every day. Then we write a policy that offsets those risks. Insurance isn’t only about covering a certain set of circumstances, it’s also a means to provide protection for the future.

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    From Eric

    Understanding the experiences of my clients increases my reliability to write policies that fit them. Sharing the details that a policy covers provides clients with a more in-depth vision of what insurance has to offer. Once they know all of their options, they make informed decisions. Yes, it’s about affordability and budget, but it’s also about coverage that gives them the most protection based upon their daily lives and activities.

    What I greatly appreciate about my clients is that they really listen when it’s time to build a policy that covers their individual lifestyle. I’ve experienced and learned so much about insurance from my own clients’ experiences because I’m the agent who had to figure out how to help many of them stay stable, salient, and manage unknown terrain. And we did it–that’s why they are still my clients.

    Do you know how to review the different healthcare options to find the one that checks all of the boxes and makes the most financial sense? If you’re hesitant, then please call Eric. He will review your needs and work with you to explore the different healthcare options available for you and your family.

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    What accident happens the most in an RV?

    Most accidents involve fire. Propane is used to power the stove and refrigerator, which makes using the stove and refrigerator a little more tricky. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby any propane appliance in an RV.

    Whether your RV is a trailer or a drivable vehicle, find out how to best protect your home on wheels from the accidents that can and do happen. Contact Eric or Marissa to find out what they know really well, and that’s how to efficiently utilize insurance to cover the risks that you may not know you take.