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Why Insurance Quotes Vary?
Do you wonder why insurance premiums can vary so much? 

Almost all insurance companies use the similar “loss” numbers and actuaries.  So why do some companies charge more for premiums than others?

Did you know that when you receive quotes from several different insurance companies, even if the rates are about the same, that doesn’t mean the coverage will be?

If you’ve been offered a lower rate, find out how the company provides those low premiums.

  • Do they have less overhead to pay?
  • Do they regularly pay claims?

You want the numbers to work in your favor, not against your insurance claim. Learn more about insurance and how coverage actually works by talking to Eric or Marissa at Northern Nevada Insurance Agency.

Eric M Olivas, Serving Reno’s insurance needs for over 20 years
“I wasn’t always an insurance agent. Like you, I struggled to understand why insurance costs were so high, and why I had to pay them. Once I understood how the business side of insurance works, it became very clear why premiums vary in price. When you know which questions to ask, you have the power to make informed decisions about how to purchase insurance for you, your family, your business, and your life.”

Insurance is more than just paying a bill. It’s about making sure your entire life from your house to your business and everything in between is protected against that which is out of your control.

You may not know what the future holds, but you can certainly make sure that you have enough insurance coverage for it.

Remember, it’s not how big your premium is, it’s how much coverage is included in your policy. Knowing how to write a policy for your individual situation is how we spend our working days at Northern Nevada Insurance Company. We help you plan for the future, no matter what the days ahead will bring.

health insurance

Do you know how to do the math for annual healthcare costs?

First, take the premium amount total (12 monthly bills), then add the deductible, plus any coinsurance and that equals the maximum out of pocket expense, minus any copays. It’s a bit of a convoluted equation; and it’s different for everyone. Also remember, coinsurance and copays are two separate terms.

Personal / Family

Reviewing the equation above, a person can feel overwhelmed with the expense of healthcare coverage. However, options do exist that are an alternative to traditional health insurance. There are still cafeteria-like plans and / or health savings plans that are a better fit for those who understand how these alternatives work.

For Business Owners

When you’re looking for a game changing alternative, we can show you how different options will work for your business and your employees. Please contact us to inquire about the types of healthcare insurance plans available for both traditional and non-traditional providers.  We encourage you to ask questions.

Our time and knowledge serves our clients. We share what we’ve learned, teaching our clients to focus on the benefits insurance provides, so they make decisions that work for their bottom line. Get a quote here or contact us for a consultation to learn more.

business insurance

Do you know what is included in a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)?

Business insurance protects a business’ assets. Should an accident occur, or if the business is held liable for a problem, a claim is made on the policy, so company cash flow and reserves are not put at risk.

What protects your business from accidents that happen to customers or vendors?
A BOP does.

What if the power goes out due to a fire next door?

Or, what if you need that power to operate a freezer or manufacturing equipment?

Is your business covered for loss of use or for credit card fraud?

Business insurance protects your company and its assets from accidents and from B2B transactions that don’t go exactly as planned.

Do you know what’s in your BOP? Find out the different items your business is covered for under your BOP. And, if those answers don’t protect your business, we are here to help you find answers that will. Supplement the risks you take in business everyday. Know your BOP.

home insurance

Does your homeowners policy cover wear and tear to your home?

Unfortunately, upkeep is not included in a homeowners policy. Think of a homeowners policy for things that happen which are sudden or accidental. For example, homeowners insurance covers major disasters, such as a fire or if a tree caves in the roof. However, If a home needs a new roof--and it’s due to the age of the roof--a homeowners policy would not cover the wear and tear the roof has endured because of weather and age.

life insurance

What’s the most important life insurance you can own?

It’s the life insurance policy that is in force when you die. There are two types of life insurance policies: permanent and term. Permanent life insurance can accrue cash value, depending upon how the policy was written. Term life insurance is better for unexpected or potential early death.

renters insurance

When renting a home (apartment or house), what happens if there is a fire?

Do you have renters insurance? If not, you may be taking on more risk of loss than you currently realize. Find out how renters insurance protects you and your favorite things by getting a quote on our website or talking to Eric or Marissa.

car insurance

How does auto insurance protect more than your vehicle?

Car insurance covers the medical expenses of individuals if an accident happens. Replacing a car is a cost, but replacing a limb, a life, or an income is a far larger expense. Think of auto insurance as protection against potential disability and law suits.

motorcycle insurance

What happens if your motorcycle insurance is only for the state minimum amounts?

Covering the state minimums means just that: it’s the minimum amount that is paid out if accident, death, or disability occur. Medical expenses typically exceed minimum insurance. When that happens, you very well may be held accountable to pay for an accident through wage garnishment.

recreational insurance

Where do you park your quad, jetski (personal watercraft), or side by side?

If any one of them is in the garage, and let’s say a fire happens and burns down the home, is the recreational vehicle covered by the homeowners policy?

Typically not. A recreational vehicle has to have a policy of its own to be covered in case of a house fire. Is your toy covered for replacement under its current insurance policy?

Our team
We take the time to learn about our clients.
Eric Olivas - Farmers Insurance Agent
Eric M Olivas

Farmers Insurance Agent

Hi, I’m Eric:

I’m Eric Olivas, owner and licensed insurance broker of Northern Nevada Insurance Agency.

We welcome you to our office and are very happy to meet with you to review policies. Our goal is to help you learn more about how insurance can protect what you value and love.

We are a trusted resource in the field of insurance. 

Many clients have become friends. Most call me and say, “Eric, please just take care of it.” And, of course, I do, but I also do my best to educate my clients too. 

Insurance is an expense.

Why not treat it as a means to protect more than just your stuff?  It’s your insurance; you’re paying the premiums. You are the reason that we do our best to ensure that the insurance you pay for covers everything you need it to, so that your life, income, and assets are as protected as possible.

You don’t know what you don’t know–right?

Learning how to use insurance to cover what is vital and important is a skill acquired over years of working in the industry. I’m happy to share what I have learned. My team and I work diligently with our clients to inform them of the risks they take without knowing it. We are here, ready and available to answer your questions and meet your insurance needs.

Marissa Davis - Northern Nevada Insurance Agency
Marissa Davis

Agency Producer and Account Manager

Hi, I’m Marissa: 

I’m Marissa . . .  . I am a licensed insurance agent who works with Eric Olivas at Northern Nevada Insurance Agency.

No two days are alike when you work with our local community as an insurance agent at NNIA. Some days are filled with phone calls and emails. Then there are days that I have to research and write a BOP for a business that is very different from others. There are challenges to be sure, but it’s also an environment where learning how to better serve our clients happens daily.

Our Clients are Awesome

I truly appreciate our clients. Their questions and requests for different insurance products provide the momentum to continue growing and learning in this field. There’s a never ending supply of information that has to be reviewed regularly. Whether it’s a class I need to take, or a product that I have to research, the amount of learning that happens in the insurance field is part of the fun of working as an agent.

It’s About Protection

The reason that insurance is different from most fields is two fold. One, insurance is not only a service, it’s also a product, and that product has to be written to suit the requirements of the client. It’s a challenge to be so flexible in providing a product, but it’s also the reason our clients trust us with their lives and livelihoods. We are here to help them and they know it. I look forward to supporting your insurance needs!

Import My Insurance

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Give me a call at (775) 348-4700 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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